“Can’t recommend [them] enough!”

Justin & Cat have an amazing chemistry that really comes out when you experience their sound bath sessions. It feels like you’re being transported into a whole new world after which you come back feel rejuvenated & centered. Can’t recommend their sessions enough!

- Andrei L. | Data Scientist


"Had an awesome morning talking branding & eating delicious, healthy food... excited for the next event!"

- Megan M. | Engineering Manager @ Datumix, Inc.

“Startup experience… mindfulness… a unique synthesis you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.”

As a tech CFO who's been consulting startups for over 5 years, I've witnessed over and over again how critical a healthy work environment is. Whether considering prospective talent or investors or retaining talent or follow-on investments, folks won't follow if it doesn't feel right.

It's for these reasons I recommend collaborating with Justin and Catherine. Justin's startup experience and their collective passion and skills in mindfulness make for a unique synthesis that you're unlikely to find elsewhere. Let your team know that you're invested in their well-being and they will go above and beyond for the mission.

- Aaron A. | CFO @ Cinch Financials

“… truly an oasis in today’s start-up ecosphere.”

— Austin James, Founder + CEO @ Solve Growth

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“I felt significantly calmer, more focused, and energized... I guarantee you’ll get something out of it”

The sound bath experience with Justin and Cat was unlike any other.  The event was organized, professional, and tailored to our particular group; it was clear that a lot of work had gone into planning and setup.  Real passion is rare enough to come by, and so it was a pleasure to see how deeply committed the pair is to their sound bath practice.  They are constantly innovating, experimenting, and testing new ideas all for the sake of creating a more impactful moment for their clients.  As this was not something I’d ever done before, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I’d get out of it.  However, after stepping out of our hour session, I felt significantly calmer, more focused, and energized.  Justin and Cat provide a bubble in which clients can both relax and hear their thoughts clearly through the pandemonium of the day-to-day.   It’s easily become one of my favourite LA activities to date.  Whether you’re a business with stressed employees, execs looking for clarity, or someone who is interested in the sound bath experience, I highly recommend jumping into a journey with this pair.  Regardless of your reason for doing so, I guarantee you’ll get something out of it. 

— Max L. | Investment Analyst, private equity firm

“It was amazing and exceeded my expectations.”

I was really excited to attend. It was amazing and exceeded my expectations. I left the sound bath feeling incredibly refreshed, clear headed, and fabulous for the week ahead.

— David K. | Agent @ Get Reehl / Get Davis

“Very Relaxing.”

I was excited to attend. It was my first time doing yoga. It was very relaxing, and I was comfortable the entire time. I enjoyed the sound and the tone of the instructor was pleasant.

— Lauren P. | Customer Success @ Lucky Day


“Our office loved taking a break to meditate with Justin and Cat! It was such a unique offering for the staff - much better than just ordering food - and they all seemed to love it. It certainly seemed to be the break everyone needed to reset. Thank you again!”

- Amber B. | Senior Regional Manager @ Soothe 


Our sound bath was an amazing experience for my whole team! Much more intense than any of us realized it would, or could be. It was a great bonding exercise and had everyone talking about it for the rest of the week.

— Brian Bergerson, HR @ TaskUs, Inc.

“The event was well planned out with a yin yoga and sound bath experience. It felt nice to stretch and relax during the session.”

— Anonymous


…and was a calming experience.

— Hootan N. | CTO @ Lucky Day

“I hope more Veterans try working with Justin and Catherine!”

Awesome experience! It helped me adjust to life back from Afghanistan in the US, especially with my anxiety. It was very well-organized and I loved it! Before I felt slightly depressed and nervous. After I felt more relaxed, and a little blessed actually! I hope more Veterans and people in general try working with Justin and Catherine!

— Anonymous


“JUSTIN + CAT ARE pioneers eager to share a gift that will be received with exponential returns to whomever is wise enough to invest”

I've been grateful to work on a number of very exciting, and successful, tech projects that demand arduous and spirit draining work. This work has a peculiar way of disconnecting me from the mindfulness and awareness, ultimately injuring my relationship to health, spirituality, and ultimately, my ability to perform over the long term.

Justin and Cat have always been a warm reminder of the importance of bringing awareness to, and addressing, this reality in the workplace. I now think of mindfulness and wellness as a need, rather than a luxury. I've embraced and appreciated their work in and out of the office, as friends and business partners, and realize that what they bring to the table results in better performance, office culture, team communication, and higher employee retention. 

Most people aren't capable of curating their own healing, mindfulness practice, or necessary down time. It is a skill that we are often not taught. Justin and Cat have a very unique ability of making a safe and comfortable space to curate the practice that has the capacity to vastly improve wellness in the workplace. They are pioneers that are eager to share a gift that will be received with exponential returns to whomever is wise enough to invest in their unique gifts.

- Joshua R. | Founder @ TribeCoin

Todays session was amazing and I feel so refreshed and clear!!!

Todays session was amazing and I feel so refreshed and clear!!! Thank you guys so much! Be sure to send me the info for the next one! BRIGHT MOMENTS!!!

- Tauska T. | CEO & Interior Designer