an online mission accelerator for creatives, entrepreneurs & influencers

crystallize your message. own your worth. increase your impact.



  • You know you’re here to make a positive impact in the world

  • You’re seeking clarity & confidence around your mission & messaging

  • You're looking to create more ease and flow in your life and work

  • You're ready for a unique community-building strategy that inspires you as well as your audience

  • You're willing to expand your comfort zone; to do the inner and outer work necessarily to see results

  • You're craving the space to slow down, reflect, and work ON not IN your business

  • You want to invite more play, exploration, and adventure into your life

  • You're committed to co-creating a transformative and safe experience for everyone



Created by Catherine & Justin Ezor, this one-of-a-kind immersive mission accelerator is designed to help creatives, wellness practitioners, and small business owners develop a strong foundation in holistic entrepreneurship, content marketing, and sales.

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to rebrand in a new direction, we’ll help you amplify your efforts through storytelling, social media, and the creation of an irresistible signature experience.




“This experience really helped me to crystalize my purpose. I had this idea of what I wanted to give to the world, but as you had me doing the exercises, my own story began unfolding before me… I now have tremendous clarity about who I am, what I have to offer, how I can benefit the world, how I can help people, and what my message is… I also got clear on what resources and tools I have available… I can’t wait to tell others about this experience! I really feel like you were so fully present for our experience and our growth… the answer to many of my prayers!”
- Dr. Anali Garcia, Naturopath & Wellness Educator


“Catherine has a knack for weaving authentic storytelling into social strategy in a way that’s intriguing, organic, and effective. She led social strategy for the launch of my global art movement “The World We Want,” and her community-driven content plan helped to attract 100 local leaders or “makers” across the world, who committed to creating interactive art installations in their community. She understood my vision, and it was great having someone with such passion on my team. I highly recommend Catherine if you’re looking to support your mission with a simple, soul-led content strategy.” - Amber Rae, Bestselling Author, Artist, & Speaker

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By allowing myself to become the student, I got so many things from this experience… I learned that no matter what, I can rely on myself, and that I have the answers already inside. I needed to spend this time to get things done - sometimes it’s hard to do when you’re at home or even out working in public. It was like I had cheerleaders with me and I was being held accountable. And because I paid to be here, I made it my goal to get my project done and I’m so proud to say that I did it. It was the mastermind that I needed... It helped me to level up. It gave me confidence that I can do my thing! I can put myself out there and make things happen. Thanks guys for holding this space!” - John Mueller, Spirituality Teacher & Mindful Marketer



We’re not here to shove strategies down your throat, or tell you what you HAVE to do to be successful. We’re here to show you the possibilities, and offer guidance to help accelerate your growth. This experience is about helping YOU discover the unique rituals and structures that help you thrive. More than just business coaching, we offer a holistic experience that will nurture you - mind, body, spirit, and likely, bank account (;


This 1-month virtual immersion experience includes with weekly sound bath meditation sessions designed to help you release the limiting beliefs, karmic bonds, and energetic blockages stopping you from showing up in all your glory. Your experience also includes (4) 60-minute workshops (topics detailed below). To encourage accountability and continued progress, we additionally include weekly group coaching calls.




- get clear on your mission and messaging

- curate a cohesive presence that authentically represents you!

- discover your core stories, and how you can use them to connect with your ideal client



- map out a customer experience that has clients returning for more

- develop a system that guarantees sustainable success

- spend time designing the little details that help you stand out in a busy marketplace



- create a marketing strategy that inspires rather than exhausts you

- get our personal content planning method to streamline efforts

- learn how to batch content creation, and reap the benefits of social media without being ‘on’ 24/7



- implement a sales system & goals that you actually enjoy

- draft personalized outreach scripts for email and social media

- receive an easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) template to stay organized/on track



- weekly sound bath meditation sessions
- (4) 60-minute workshops (weekly on Sundays; topics detailed above)
- 30 page PDF workbook with exercises to for each of the focus areas
- (4) group coaching calls (weekly on Wednesdays)
- access to a virtual community for ongoing support

+ (1) month free subscription to our upcoming membership program launching in January 2020 ($347 value); includes:
- (1) 30-minute breath work + sound meditation
- (1) 60-minute group workshop on the topic of the month + corresponding workbook (pdf)
- (1) 20-minute laser coaching call
+ bonus resources and tools to amplify your efforts


Sunday, October 27th - Wednesday, November 20th

Sundays & Wednesdays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm pst (both days)


Have questions? Schedule an exploration call with Justin today to see if momentum is a good fit.



“Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and being around the energy of community is so powerful to keep us going. And I finally got to be on camera. It was cool to see what that felt like step into that space because that’s so important in this day and age when it comes to marketing.” - Erik Roush, Photographer


“Before working with Catherine I had a ton of fear around putting myself out there and owning my abilities. In just one call, she broke through my fear and found my true confidence and gave me permission to step into it. She helped me to create a plan of action, and I literally got my first paying coaching client the very next day.”
- Kim Argetsinger, Mindset + Success Coach


“I had a blast and I learned A TON! Intertwined with all the business-related things, were a bunch of personal-development and healing things. It was action-packed, everything you need to move forward with you project, business, and life.”
- Tom Zaimes, Founder of Life Untamed


“Ahhh thank you Cat! In every way on every level!! 💋✨💞… I am extremely grateful for all of your support, know-how, suggestions, quick thinking and general get-er-done, start-to-finish handling.”
- Robyn Youkilis, Health Coach AADP + Bestselling Author


“Cat and Justin opened up a space of trust, connection and inspiration. Not only did they do this by guiding the group with amazing healing tools but also with their welcoming and professional presence. The experience uplifted me, provided guidance and clarity and helped me take the necessary steps towards achieving my business goals. So thankful to have experienced it.”
- Celeste Bello, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Advocate


knowledge is potential.
action is power.

It’s likely you’ve bought books, enrolled in online courses & attended seminars that inspire you to change your life, but once you’re back in the real world, it’s easy to lose momentum. That’s why we created this program to include a unique combination of educational content, impactful coaching, and community support.

Together we’ll transform insights into aligned actions, and work toward creating your dream life.

EMPOWER YOUR BODY with guided meditations, energy healing, nutrition tips, and more.

INSPIRE YOUR MIND with storytelling, social media, and sales workshops.

NOURISH YOUR SOUL with like-minded community and authentic connection.

Ready to level up your clarity, confidence, and consistency?




Catherine Ezor

An artist, coach, and mentor based in Los Angeles, Catherine is on a mission to share simple, effective tools for physical and emotional wellness. With a background in holistic health coaching, branding, content marketing, experience design, music, and energy healing, she takes a strategic-yet-soulful approach to catalyzing success.


Justin Ezor

4x founder, performance coach, wellness enthusiast, and musician, Justin supports artists, entrepreneurs, and companies to find their product-market fit, create a sustainable sales system, and develop a raving customer base. He focuses on helping mission-driven individuals uplevel their personal and professional gave so they can serve the world on a larger scale.



FALL 2019

Sunday, October 27th - Wednesday, November 20th

$997 USD or 2 payments of $555