Catherine and Justin Ezor

Founded in 2016, Los Angeles Growth Labs is the brainchild of a SoCal-based husband and wife team passionate about supporting people who work to make the world a better place.

After years of collaborating with dozens of entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to develop sustainable marketing and sales plans, Catherine and Justin Ezor switched their attention to focus on the people, and began curating experiences designed to help companies engage and empower the employees, the leadership, the consumers aka the community that matters most.

Incorporating meditation, sound therapy, yoga, communal dining, exercises in communication, creative exploration and more, LAGL creates customized events known to increase productivity, reduce stress, enhance communication, inspire collaboration, catalyze creativity, and promote feelings of well-being. From in-office pop-ups to full service event production, Catherine, Justin, and their team have provided:

- group meditation, yoga, breathwork + sound baths
- intimate (mastermind) dinner parties
- transformational workshops + retreats
- keynotes + immersive experiences about mindfulness
- retreats
and more.

Find LAGL on Soundcloud for a sample of their corporate wellness work. 



After her mother passed away two months before her tenth birthday, Catherine turned to mindfulness and creative wellness techniques to cope, heal, and regain a sense of happiness. 15 years plus many degrees and training programs (B.A. Anthropology, Holistic Health Coaching, Reiki I/II + Yin Yoga Certification) later, Catherine is now sharing the same practical self-regulation tools that have allowed her to thrive in both her personal and professional life despite many challenges and setbacks. She’s led creative wellness experiences (including meditations, sound baths, and yoga) privately for 5 years, and also at companies such as Soothe, Lucky Day, and TaskUs. Additionally she utilizes her uncanny insights, background in energy work, and various creative talents to support other mission-driven artists, influencers, entrepreneurs and companies in deepening their integrity while expanding their impact and influence. Past clients include Robyn Youkilis, Amber Rae, Lemonhead.LA, The World We Want, Markett, Nextdoor, Runa, Yari Ferrao, Fern Olivia, Susan Santoro, Jenna Haze, and more.

Catherine now leads Brand + Culture at LAGL. She also serves as an experience designer + creative wellness coach privately, for groups, and at our community events and retreats. Email her directly:



After dropping out of college and successfully founding three businesses at 22, Justin thought he had made it. But before he got a chance to appreciate or reap the benefits of all his hard work, young, inexperienced teams hit complications; and everything came crashing down. Justin put his desire to found a successful community space aside, and focused on serving others through his remaining (non-profit) businesses. Soon he found himself burning out and craving more work/life balance, so he founded another business - Los Angeles Growth Labs. His innate leadership and business development abilities, along with his work towards certifications in both strategic intervention and fitness coaching, have instilled a unique perspective that allows him to serve solopreneurs, start-ups, and established companies alike. He’s led creative wellness experiences + performed (likely on his signature RAV drum) at companies such as Soothe, Lucky Day, and TaskUs. He’s also led community and sales development for brands including Radpad, Lyft, Hackerfund, Start Up Sports League, CTRL Collective, Sensay, Markett, Thinkful, and more.

Justin now leads Sales + Community at LAGL. He also serves as a musician + creative wellness coach privately, for groups, and at our community events and retreats. Email him directly:

The therapists really enjoyed the session. They swarmed over to thank us after we were finished with the event.” - Sarah W. | Education @ Soothe

“... a dream to work with - spirited, wise, and full of beautiful ideas. I highly recommend collaborating ... or bringing Cat to speak or teach!" - Fern Olivia | Wellness Expert, Founder @ Thyroid Yoga

"I've been grateful to work on a number of very exciting, and successful, tech projects that demand arduous and spirit draining work. This work has a peculiar way of disconnecting me from the mindfulness and awareness, ultimately injuring my relationship to health, spirituality, and ultimately, my ability to perform over the long term.

Justin and Cat have always been a warm reminder of the importance of bringing awareness to, and addressing, this reality in the workplace. I now think of mindfulness and wellness as a need, rather than a luxury. I've embraced and appreciated their work in and out of the office, as friends and business partners, and realize that what they bring to the table results in better performance, office culture, team communication, and higher employee retention. 

Most people aren't capable of curating their own healing, mindfulness practice, or necessary down time. It is a skill that we are often not taught. Justin and Cat have a very unique ability of making a safe and comfortable space to curate the practice that has the capacity to vastly improve wellness in the workplace. They are pioneers that are eager to share a gift that will be received with exponential returns to whomever is wise enough to invest in their unique gifts." - Joshua R. | Founder @ TribeCoin